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Most Famous Penetration Testing Tools

The pen test tools for this discussion are Metasploit, the Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Nmap, Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, SQLmap, Kali Linux, and Jawfish . These tools are key to securing your enterprise because these are the same kinds of tools that attackers use. If you don’t find your holes and seal them, they will exploit them.

Which Phone should I buy?

Which phone should I buy? What budget should I decide for my phone? Which is the best phone for me? Which one is the top phone among the category? All these questions comes in everyone’s mind before buying a new phone. Every phone is better in one way or another and also there some flaws in some phones. So which phone is best for you? The answer lies in your requirements.


Method 1: Release and Renew Ip Address Step 1: Open cmd as an Admin By Pressing Windows key + X, then Click on Command Prompt(Admin). Step 2: Now Type ipconfig /release then hit enter. Step 3: Now again type in ipconfig /renew and hit enter. Step 4: Close the cmd and open your Browser to Check the Problem is solved or not.

Siri VS Cortana VS Google Now

As you all know. We are tech guys. We love tech we live tech we test tech. Today we are testing the best AI Interface personal assistant of the most acknowledged phones in the market. The iPhones, Windows Phones and the Android Phones . The user interface of all these phones are awesome and entirely different and people are crazy about them but as you know in this fantasizing world, people are looking forward more for Artificial Intelligence.

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